Somboonphol - About us


Broom Somboonphol is a manufacturer and exporter of two lines of products: natural handicraft sorghum brooms and brushes, and wooden frames.

Our company started from selling sorghum as raw material to Taiwan for making brooms to be exported to Japan since 1990. Later, due to high labor cost in Taiwan, we were kindly taught by our Taiwanese buyer who stopped doing this business and helped us export directly to Japan.

Brooms color At the beginning, we exported only traditional Japanese-style brooms. However, because of high competition with other countries, such as China, we started to create something new and different as follow:

  1. Dying sorghum into different colors. At present we have at least 14 colors.
  2. Creating our own designs, shapes, and sizes.
  3. Using sorghum to weave into other products, such as mats, lamps, newspaper stands, etc. including mini brooms and ornamental gifts and premiums.
  4. using sorghum handicraft on other decorative products, such as frames, kitchen utensils, trays, pencils, dustpans, etc.

Therefore, Somboonphol Co.,Ltd, can be counted as a pioneer who produces the most variety of colored or dyed sorghum products in Thailand, and probably around the world.

Seal of Excellence In 2007, Somboonphol Co.,Ltd received a highly-honorable award, “Seal of Excellence” Handicraft by UNESCO.

Wooden frames and wooden work followed the production of sorghum brooms. As some customers requested to use “wooden” handle to replace natural bamboo handles, machines for making wooden handles were used in our factory, and later we expanded our wooden products from wooden handles and wooden brush body to many other stationary and decorative wooden products, such as boxes, shelves, toys, trays, clocks, drawers, etc.


Now, Somboonphol Co.,Ltd. Has three main factories: two factories in Chiangrai with local workers and some minorities and hill-tribers., and a factory in Samutsakorn. We have approximately 150-200 workers, both full time and part-time.

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